Dang can gap...can mua(hang cu) ..trang tri,fuc vu tiec tung.


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hien minh muon mua lai nhung do dung trang tri,phuc vu cho dam cuoi nhu: ban ge,khung rap che,noi nau lau,mam qua.....(hang cu nha),neu ban nao mun ban lai,hoac ai bit chi dum minh nha.xin cam on: 01665556589..


Changes of Each New Talent Layer in WOW

Changes of Each New Talent Layer in WOWIn the WOW big disaster, many talents has been changed a lot. In addition to passive talents, there are also added some new talent skills wow level.The first layer Animal sharp claws from the original savage fury moved to the first floor. Making your claw, Rake, Mangle in Cat form, Mangle in Bear form, as well as hammer blow skills increase ten to twenty percent of damage wow sale. WOW Brutal makes your hammer blow, swing, claw, rake and mangle skills or energy consumed anger reduce one to five points. Feral aggression makes you fell less roaring attack power effect increase eight to forty percent, and damage caused by Ferocious Bite increase three to fifteen percent usa wow gold.The second layer Shredded attack has been moved to the second floor. It reduces energy consumption of your tear skills by five to ten points and anger consumption of separate skills one to two points. Wild instinct to makes damage caused by your swing skills increase ten to thirty percent and reduces your chances of being detected by the enemy when you sneak fast gold in wow. Endless massacre is a new WOW talent. It makes you extend the duration of rake for three to six seconds, the duration of fierce howling for four to eight seconds. Therefore, players can buy WOW gold to use this skill wow gold paypal.