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What's black, likes peanuts, and weighs two tons?An elephant covered with plain chocolate.Why did the elephant paint it's toe-nails red, green, blue, yellow and pink?So it could hide in the jelly-bean jar.What weighs two tons, has tusks and loves pepperoni pizza?An Italian elephant.Best Vibram FiveFingers Women's Flow-01Best Vibram FiveFingers Women's Flow-02Best Vibram FiveFingers Women's kso-01What's one way to catch an elephant?First you buy a fishing pole and put a peanut on the hook.What weighs two tons and has red spots?An elephant with measles.What's the difference between a chicken and an elephant?An elephant can get chicken pox, but a chicken can't get elephant pox.What's the difference between a tiny elephant and a gigantic mouse?About 2,000 pounds.