WTF - I Just Made A 33.7% Profit By Buying And Selling Some French Wine!


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A year ago I met this guy called Dave, he did building work for a living
but he is really into his fine vintage wines, you know the French rubbish
that sells for silly prices, bearing in mind some of these bottles can
retail for more than $1000 a piece I started to wonder how he could afford
to drink this stuff...

After talking to him for a bit, it turns out that this seemly expensive
habit did not cost him a penny, well not exactly true he had to buy it, but
he got his money back...

But it was the way that he got his money back that interested me so much,
what he was doing was buying two box's of the stuff at a time every year
and would just keep it for 3 years, after the 3 years where up he would
sell one box which had gone up in value to the point where he got his
original investment back, and basically got the second box for free.

Now this got me thinking... Hang on a minute so what would happen if you
bought this stuff and did not drink the other half of it... Surely that
would would give you a better return on your money than the interest given
by the bank.

After pestering him for a few weeks he eventually put me in touch with a
company that helps him get the wine, its based in England, turns out they
specialise in doing wine investment so I guess that is where he got the
idea that he could get a box for free every 3 years.

Well... to cut a long story short I stuck $30,000 of my saving into this
12 months ago, and I just sold it using the contacts at the same company
that arranged it for me for $40,110 that's a whopping 33.7% return on
investment. Try and get that out of your bank in interest!

Anyway I thought I would share this story with you guys, and yes I will
give you the link... so don't PM me asking for it!!!